La Tierra

Ostrich Tonic

Ostriches standing next to Agave plant in Karoo

We all love the classic gin and tonic, but have you tried it with Agave? The blend of Agave, fresh lime and tonic results in a perfectly bubbly and refreshing low cal cocktail. Its so simple that an ostrich would have to bury its head in the sand. Making simple cocktails is just a bit over its head!


50ml LTA Reposado (2 shots)

25ml fresh lime juice 

Tonic water 

10ml Agave syrup, optional

Lime wedge and rosemary sprig for garnish 


Add Agave and lime to a highball glass, top with ice and stir. Pour tonic water and sweeten with Agave syrup if desired. Garnish with lime wedge and rosemary.

Close-up of Tequila tonic Agave spirit cocktail

Looking to try something different? Quench your thirst with this refreshing Agave cocktail!

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