La Tierra

Bloody Mevrou

close up of mountains in the karoo

There’s no better way to start your day than with this spicy, Agave twist on the Bloody Mary! Its the ultimate brunch cocktail and we encourage all tomato cocktail fans to give this one a try.


50ml LTA Reposado (2 shots)

150ml bloody Mary mix

2 dashes Tabasco sauce

10ml Agave syrup – optional

Garnish: parsley sprig

Garnish: green olives

Garnish: lime wedge

Garnish: celery stalk


Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker and shake for 10 seconds. Strain onto fresh ice in a highball glass. Sweeten with Agave syrup if desired. Garnish with parsley, lime, green olives and a celery stalk.

Close-up of Tequila bloody mary Agave spirit cocktail

Looking to try something different? This delectable Agave cocktail is not to be missed!

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