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Host the ultimate Agave Blanco tasting!

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Join us for a personalised Agave Blanco and Reposado tasting!

Tequila is not seen as just a party shot anymore! 

Its all about the full Agave experience.

Hosting an Agave tasting at home can be a fun and unique way to bring all the choms together and explore different types of Agave spirits. We have made sure to provide you with everything you need to know on how to host an Agave tasting as well as the correct way to taste Agave.

Elevate your Agave spirits experience by combining them with a range of South African-inspired cuisines, or explore new heights by trying out these thrilling cocktail recipes.

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Here are some steps you can follow to host a successful Agave tasting:

    • Choose a variety of no less than 6 Agave spirits for your tasting. We recommend La Tierra Agave Blanco and Reposado for your local choice. Patron Agave Blanco and Reposado for your Tequila choice and Montelobos for your Mezcal choice. The variety of Agave spirits allows for a great taste comparison. 
    • In addition to the Agave spirits, you will need glasses for tasting, such as small snifter glasses or shot glasses, as well as water and crackers to cleanse the palate between tastings. Have a few cups of coffee beans on your tasting table for your guests to refresh their senses between each tasting. 
    • Always provide pens and paper for those really wanting to break down the experience. We have provided you with tasting notes and information on our selection of Agave spirits.
    • Set the mood by creating a festive atmosphere by decorating your space with South African and Mexican-themed decorations, such as colorful tablecloths, flags or sombreros. Music in the background is always a great way to set the tone.
    • Pour a small amount of each Agave spirit into the glasses, starting with the Agave Blanco and working your way up to the more aged and complex varieties such as the Agave Reposado and Anjeos.
    • Encourage your guests to smell and taste each Agave spirit, noting the color, aroma, and flavor characteristics. Discuss each Agave as a group and share your thoughts and impressions.
    • After the tasting, you can enjoy the Agave in a cocktail or pairing it with some traditional Mexican snacks or appetizers, such as guacamole, chips and salsa, or tacos that have a South African twist to it. You can do this by pairing your Agave spirit with Bobotie tacos, sole and salsa on toasted bruschetta as well as a braai broodjie made with caramelised onion, guacamole and Emmental cheese

     Find more Spanish inspired dishes and tapas that you can add your own South African twist to.

    La Tierra Agave Blanco Tasting Sheet

    La Tierra Agave Reposado Tasting Sheet

    Follow these steps to ensure you are tasting the Agave properly:

    Tasting any Agave spirit involves using your senses to evaluate the appearance, aroma, and flavors of the Agave spirit.

      • After selecting your Agave spirits it’s best to start the tasting with the Agave Blanco /silver, which is the simplest and lightest style of Agave spirit, and then work your way up to more complex and aged varieties.
      • Pour a small amount of each spirit (about 40ml) into a tall, narrow glass, such as a brandy snifter.
      • Observe the color and clarity of the Agave spirit. Agave Blanco should be clear, while aged Agave spirits will have a darker color.
      • Swirl the Agave in a tall glass for about 5 seconds, bring the glass to your nose and inhale deeply to smell. Note the aromas, such as citrus, pepper, vanilla etc.
      • Take a small sip of Agave spirit and let it roll around your mouth. Note the flavors, such as sweetness, spiciness, or smokiness. Agave should always be tasted slowly and savored.
      • After swallowing the Agave, note the aftertaste or finish. A good Agave will have a smooth and lingering finish, while a poor-quality Agave may have a harsh or bitter aftertaste.
      • Between tastings, cleanse your palate with water or a neutral food, such as a cracker to refresh your senses and remove any residual flavors.

      Types of Agave spirits:

      There are several different varieties of Agave spirits, which are classified based on how long they have been aged and the type of production process used.

      agave reposado cocktail

      When choosing an Agave spirit, it’s generally recommended to look for one that is made from 100% Agave. If it does not state it is 100% Agave then it is a Mixto. The quality of Agave can vary widely based on factors such as the Agave used, the production process, and the aging time.

      These are the different varieties of Agave spirits based on the aging process:

        • Agave Blanco (Silver)- This is the most common and traditional type of Agave spirit. It is clear in color and bottled immediately after distillation, without any aging. Agave Blanco is usually the most affordable and has a fresh, sharp flavor with hints of Agave.
        • Agave Reposado (Aged)- Reposado is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two months, but no more than one year. This gives the spirit a light golden color and a smoother, more complex flavor profile, with notes of vanilla and caramel.
        • Añejo (Extra-aged)- Añejo is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of one year, but no more than three years. The longer aging period gives the spirit a darker, amber color and a rich, smooth flavor with notes of oak, chocolate, and tobacco.
        • Extra Añejo (Ultra-aged) –This is the newest classification of Agave, introduced in 2006. Extra Añejo is aged for a minimum of three years, giving it a dark, rich color and a complex, layered flavor profile with notes of caramel, vanilla, and spices.
        • Cristalino (Clear- aged)-This variety is aged like an Añejo or Extra Añejo  but then filtered to remove the color and some of the flavor. This is usually done using charcoal. This gives the Agave spirit a clear or “crystal” appearance, while still retaining some of the smoothness and complexity of the aged Agave.

        Remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver or plan for transportation after your tasting.  

        Cheers and enjoy your tasting Mzansi!

        close up shots of agave spirit

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