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8 buzzing happy culture Kombucha cocktails

La Tierra kombucha cocktails

Kombucha cocktails are our favorite thing thing to talk about at the moment! We are excited to share with you the beautiful fusion of La Tierra Agave spirits and the invigorating essence of Happy Culture’s Kombucha. This divine combination creates Kombucha cocktails that not only tantalises your taste buds but also nourishes your gut health!

Kombucha cocktails- the latest buzz word going around!

Prepare yourself for a delightful journey as we present 8 Kombucha cocktails crafted using happy Cultures gut friendly booches. Let’s first take a moment to discover the story behind Happy Culture before we dive into these concoctions, and the wonder that is Kombucha.

Close up of happy culture kombucha

Gut goodness, quality products made with passion, authenticity and sustainability!

Happy Culture is a proudly South African company based in Cape Town, dedicated to producing exceptional, natural, living Kombuchas. The brands vision extends beyond creating outstanding products; they aim to inspire, empower, and support individuals on their quest for a healthy and joyful existence, contributing to a collective evolution.

Kombucha, an effervescent probiotic tea, is crafted using a time-honored Eastern tradition. Through a unique fermentation process, a sweet tea transforms when combined with a live culture of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. The result is a living elixir brimming with goodness, enhancing your overall well-being and vitality. At the heart of Kombucha production lies the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), a living habitat where bacteria and yeast families thrive, turning the sweet tea into a tangy, fizzy marvel. Not only does Kombucha delight the taste buds, but it also offers a plethora of health benefits.

Happy Culture’s Kombuchas are available in 6 unique and delicious flavor combinations.

Happy Culture presents a range of six flavor combinations in their live and sparkling Kombuchas. These variations are available in 340ml and 850ml 100% recyclable PET bottles. Kombucha collaborates harmoniously with your body, enhancing gut flora, strengthening immunity, detoxifying, and promoting overall physical and mental well-being.

Happy Culture Kombucha cocktail flavors

Here are just some of the incredible health-promoting properties found in Happy Culture’s range of Kombuchas:

      • Antioxidants

      • Organic acids

      • Vitamins B & C

      • Micronutrients

      • Electrolytes

    Happy Culture acknowledges the importance of cultivating a conscious and caring ethos at the heart of their business. They are here to help you deepen the quality of your health, and life, one delightful gut-loving treat at a time.

    When experimenting with Agave and Kombucha pairings, it’s important to consider the flavors and characteristics of both beverages. Different types of Agave and Tequila, such as Blanco, Reposado, or Añejo, can bring varying levels of sweetness, spiciness, or smokiness to the mix. Happy Cultures Kombucha flavors can range from fruity and floral to earthy and herbal, allowing for a wide range of combinations and taste sensations.

    happy culture kombucha

    The pairing of Agave and Kombucha creates a divine harmony that is truly unmatched.

    Now, let’s delve into the enchanting union of Agave and Kombucha! The combination of Agave spirits and Kombucha flavors creates a truly unique pairing for cocktails. The distinct characteristics of our Agave spirits, with their smooth and crisp vegetable flavors, blend seamlessly with the taste profiles found in Happy Culture’s Kombuchas. A sugar free, delicious gut friendly drink! Could we ask for more?

    When you combine the sweet roasted Agave notes of La Tierra with the diverse and vibrant flavor combinations of Happy Culture, something magical happens. The earthy richness of the Agave spirits complements and enhances the tangy, fizzy nature of Kombucha!

    To truly understand the taste impact, I recommend conducting your own taste tests. Try pairing our Agave and other Tequila varieties with various Happy Culture Kombucha flavors, noting how the flavors interact and complement each other and the Agave. 

    La Tierras Must-Try Kombucha Cocktails!

    Select the cocktail headings below to see the video, recipe and more.

    Earthy Elixir

    Earthy Elixir kombucha cocktail

    This soulful and refreshing creation takes inspiration from the bounties of the earth. This earthy cocktail combines the richness of our Reposado with the freshness of mint and cucumber, balanced by the effervescence of Happy cultures Pineapple and lime Kombucha.


    Kombu-Rita kombucha cocktail

    This unique creation combines the smoothness of our Blanco with the freshness of basil and orange. To top it all off, we add the gorgeous Happy Culture blueberry and basil Kombucha.

    Zesty Scoby Spritz 

    Zesty Scoby Spritz kombucha cocktail

     Our smooth Blanco effortlessly melds with the zesty flavors of Happy Cultures sparkling pineapple and lime Kombucha. Tip: Grapefruit and Agave are a match made in cocktail heaven!;)

    Chai-tastic Agave

    Kombucha cocktail with Agave spirit








    This unique concoction showcases the perfect fusion of the Reposado with Happy Cultures rooibos and chai kombucha. The smooth caramel notes of the Reposado pair well with the robust and earthy flavors of the rooibos and chai kombucha.

    Booch Buzz

    Bootch Buzz kombucha cocktail

    This Agave and kombucha cocktail will leaving you buzzing with its tropical flavors. This vibrant creation blends the richness of our Reposado with the tanginess of the pineapple and lime kombucha.

    Agave Cooler

    Agave Cooler kombucha cocktail

    The Agave Cooler is a bright and lively cocktail that combines the smoothness of La Tierras Blanco with the refreshing essence of Happy Culture’s raspberry and hibiscus kombucha. 


    kombucha cocktail with agave spirit








    Introducing our gorgeous Kombucha cocktail that packs a punch with its vibrant flavors and fiery kick! This creation combines the heat of chili, the freshness of basil and the smoothness of our Reposado. Incorporating a touch of Agave Syrup, along with the vibrant essence of Happy Cultures’ blueberry and basil kombucha, results in a winning combination.

    Citrus punch

    Kombucha Cocktail with Agave Spirit








    This refreshing cocktail is the perfect blend of zesty lime, aromatic ginger, and the vibrant notes of Happy Cultures lemon and ginger kombucha. The citrus packs a punch but is worth every second of it!

    The perfect sensory experience!

    Visit La Tierras youtube channel for all our Happy Culture Kombucha cocktail recipes

    Each sip of these Agave and Kombucha cocktails is a sensory delight, as the unique flavors of both ingredients intertwine and create a balanced and complex taste experience. The natural sweetness of the Agave blends well with the refreshing qualities of the Kombucha, resulting in a cocktail that is both satisfying and quenching.

    Our selection of gut-friendly, low sugar cocktails offers the perfect solution for health-conscious individuals seeking a delicious alternative. With a plethora of flavor combinations available, the possibilities are endless. Join us on this kombucha train and create your very own unique concoction. We can’t wait to see what the rest of Mzansi comes up with!

    Let’s raise a glass together and celebrate the vibrant tastes of our community while supporting local one gut friendly sip at a time! Cheers to a healthier and more flavorful future!

    happy culture kombucha cocktail

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