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Khoe-Sān Cantarito

Khoisan art in the Karoo South Africa

Journey through the heritage of the Khoisan and the heart of the Karoo with our Cantarito Agave cocktail. Taste the harmony of ancient traditions. Traditionally served in clay cups in Mexico, experience the tangy zest of two cultures united in one refreshing sip!


50ml LTA Blanco (2 shots)

25ml fresh orange juice

25ml fresh grapefruit juice

25ml fresh lime juice

Grapefruit soda

Chili lime seasoning is optional for the cup’s rim

10ml Agave syrup, optional

Orange slice for garnish


Squeeze the fresh grapefruit, orange and lime juice into a cup. Fill one Cantarito or cocktail glass with crushed ice. Add Agave, citrus mix, then top with grapefruit soda. Sweeten with Agave syrup if desired. Mix well, garnish with orange slice and a sprinkle of chilli lime powder if desired.

Close-up of Cantarito Agave spirit cocktail

Looking to try something different? Give this proudly South African Agave cocktail a taste!

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